The Aluminium Combo Bag works as a filter for the molten aluminium and helps to create an even distribution on the surface of the mould. The Filter Combo Bag also helps to control the rate of flow of the molten aluminium and also to change the direction of the flow.

This product is an open-top rectangular box, designed and specially woven from high twist yarns, the weave and yarn type determine the final size of the openings. The type of yarn used to weave the Aluminium Filter Bag depends upon the type of bag that is being made. It helps to increase the resistance to distortion. The bottom of these aluminium filter bag are of open fabric and hence this design favours the control over the speed of the molten metal around the mould and the overall distribution of it too.


  • Introduces less smoke and minimum odour when the molten metal is introduced in it.
  • It ensures a more uniform and distortion free distribution of the metal.
  • It lessens scrap, eliminates oxides.
  • The installation process is easy with the elimination of spike racks.
  • Available in roll form, pre-sewn shapes or with customised weaving.