Dust Collector Cage The Dust Collector Cages are available in a number of types depending on the material they are made out of, their shape and size, the construction, the coating and the kind of environment that they are intended to be used.

The frame work of the Filter Bag Cage is made from an array of horizontally arranged rings held together by vertically placed wired. The size of the cage depends upon the number of the rings and wires that have been used for the construction and in turn depends on the customer's choice. There is the option of customised cages being made for the customer from various gauges as per their need.

Once the construction of the cage is completed, they are subjected to the coating process. There are a number of options available as coatings too, although the most widely used ones are zinc and PTFE. Once this is done, the cages are finished manufacturing and are all set to begin the process of collecting dust.

These dust collection cages have the advantage of being very easy to install and operate, with very low maintenance costs and easy to handle too. Additionally, they are completely customisable during their manufacture and hence they the customer can be flexible in his needs as the cages can be made accordingly.