Fiberglass Dust Fabrics In some industries, there is the need for a filtration system that works a high temperatures and also has the ability to retain the powder. This is where the Fiberglass Dust Collector Fabrics come in. We stock a variety of such fabrics which can be used in such scenarios owing to the brilliant mechanical and chemical properties of the material that they are made of. The resistance of such material to heat, chemicals and corrosion makes them excellent for this use. These are also durable and can be used for long periods of time.

Fiberglass Dust Fabrics have a special triple finish which incorporates the use of graphite, silicon oils and PTFE which are considered the best for fiberglass. This provides the resistance to abrasion and hence can be used in industries like cement and metal work. The PTFE provides the much needed smoothness to the fibers making them better finished for use. The graphite and silicon oils are acid resistant polymers and hence provide it with the ability to be used at low pH situations too. This sort of environment is usually seen in industrial boilers and are used in the paper and textile industries.