Fiberglass Fabrics Fiberglass Cloth materials are made from a number of fine glass fibers which in turn are formed when very thin strands of glass are extruded into fibers. These have very high surface areas to weight ration making them ideal to use in a number of industrial applications.

These fibers are woven in shuttle looms with the control over the size requirements. These are woven into yarns and these are further made into various patterns and styles of cloth based on the requirements of the customer. These have electrical and thermal properties which make them excellent insulating material, and a widely used substitute to asbestos which is harmful for humans.

BK industries take pride in their range of Fiberglass Fabrics as we provide them over a range of thickness and weave. These have a very high tensile strength, thermal stability, resistance to fire, conductivity and durability. Besides a substitute to asbestos, it is also used as insulators or heaters, fire-proofing and insulation.

These are available in a number of patterns like plain, leno, satin, etc. The final properties and cost of the fabric depends on the particular weaves, the plain is the cheapest and most basic, while the satin is considered superior.