Fiberglass Fire Blanket These Fiberglass Fire Blankets are extensively used in a number of fields as protective blankets against fire. These are available in a wide array of range and types depending on the use, from use on the hospitals to protection oneself from the sparks while welding. We supply a variety of them: thermal blankets, Fire Blankets, welding blankets, etc.

They are classified as:
Light-duty: welding blankets for minimal spatter and sparks during welding.
Medium duty:  welding blankets for light slag and for heavy welding.
Heavy duty: for when there is need for protection for heavy sparks and slag.

Extreme heavy duty: when there are possibilities of molten metal, heavy spatter and splash.

These blankets possess some characteristics that make it ideal for the intended use: they are durable and can be used against heavy splatter, they are safe to use and friendly to the skin. These are also light in weight and easy to use.

BK Industry is a leading supplier of the best quality fire blankets which you be assured are made from world-class raw materials and impeccable manufacturing procedure.