Fiberglass Filter Bag

There is a myriad of varieties in the market when it comes to the selection of filter bags, they vary in shapes and sizes as per the intended use. BK Industry have a range of such Fiberglass Filter Bags available for our customers based on their requirements. These dust collecting filter bags are extensively used in a number of industries, prominently the cement, paper, coal-based, textile and steel industry. The fiberglass filter bags are one of the most popular choices and we pride ourselves in the use of top-class material and the latest technologies which go into the manufacture of these bags. These are made even more durable and to prevent abrasion of the bags, the Fiberglass Filter Bag House in a 10 percent of PTFE particles.

These products are quite durable and resistant to acids and low pH environment and can be used in industrial boilers which have such conditions as they are made of acid-resistant polymers. As mentioned above, these are durable owing to the PTFE and along with that they have a versatile finish like triple finish that is done for fabrics used in filtration. It is owing to this finish that the bags are additionally strong and with reduced friction.