High Heat Fabric possess the properties that make them ideal to be used in high temperature scenarios and they are designed in such a way that that they consistently provide the best use at higher temperatures which can be up to +360 degrees Celsius. There are very thermally stable and also possess high resistance to electric, chemical and physical distress. They are made of fiberglass with addition components like PTFE. These components impart the various attributes to the final product.

B K Industries supply a range of Heat Resistant Cloth Fabrics which are manufactured from top of the line raw materials and using the most developed technological processes to ensure a top-notch product for the customer's need. We have a versatile selection of High Temperature Fabrics for every use like reducing fire hazards and protective gear against fires.

These materials are safe to use, chemically and biologically non-reactive and also durable enough with excellent mechanical properties to enable their use for long periods of time. These also have excellent finish and dielectric properties making them even more versatile in application. These have applications in heat shields, protection of machinery and insulation padding.