Leno Belts are the conveyor belts which are used in conjugation with pulleys which are bound by the belts and are used to convey the material from one place to another. It is a construct of the rotating pulleys which creates a continuous moving loop of the Teflon Conveyor Belts as it moves the material placed on it.

The PTFE Conveyor Belts are highly preferred by our customers as they prove to be best suited for the job and are pretty durable too. We at BK Industries supply these Leno belts according to industry requirements.

The material used to make these belts is a matrix of PTFE and fiber glass and it retains the desirable qualities of each constituent as they are used as conveyor belts. They have a great non-stick property and also the durability owing to its high-tensile strength and the presence of sealed edges which prevents frayed belts while they are being used.. Additionally, they are able to sustain these qualities even at extremes of temperature variances. Also, owing to their properties of resistance to wetting, fungus and the non-toxicity, they are widely used in the food industry like dairy and other industrial applications.