Dust Collector Cage Non Woven Filter Cloth which is used to make filter bags have some requisite properties that make them ideal for use. They are shaped into bags which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally they are available in various grades based on their intended use. There is the option to customise these bags based on the above mentioned factors as they are custom made based on the needs and requirements of the customer and their applications in different industries.

At BK industries, we stock up in a wide range of Non Woven Filter Bags of every shape and size and also custom make it. We can ensure you that the bags that we supply are of exceptional quality and pass through our vigorous inspection process to ensure only the best products to our customers.

These are made to be resilient and durable so that they can be used for a long duration, efficiently and effectively. They are finely finished and resistant to abrasion. Another important factor to be considered is their dimensional stability which makes them accurate in shape and size over the period of use, even in noxious environment. These are manufactured such that they serve the customers without any complaints.