PTEF (Teflon ®) as we know is the material of choice for safe and food-grade non-stick coatings as it is widely used in non-stick cookware and other items. It also has a lot of added advantages of being anti-friction and non-flammable. There are a lot of additional properties of PTFE that make it ideal for industrial use especially in the food industry like it is self-lubricating, resistant to fungi, to chemicals and to harsh atmospheric conditions. It can also be used at extremes of temperature of up to 200 to 300 degree Celsius. PTFE Coated Fabric can hence be used in packaging and wrapping for electrical devices and protection from water damage. It is a really versatile and universally usable material.

BK Industries offers to you a plethora of PTFE coated products in every shape or form like PTFE Coated Fabric Tape, belts, laminates, discs, etc. These can be used according to the need in various setting in industries. We pride ourselves in our materials and our impeccable engineering which ensures that every product is made with the utmost precision and the use of latest technology. We have customers in various food industries like fish, dry goods and dairy.