BK Industry have a wide selection of industrial belts to choose from and PTFE Coated Fiberglass Belts are one of the most widely sought after ones. They are used extensively in industries and owing to the excellent engineering that goes in their manufacture, it is sure to meet your requirements to the fullest.

PTFE Coated Belts are primarily used for making conveyor belts and there are a number of attributes of the material which make it ideally suited for the job. It possess the non-stick property of the Teflon and the high tensile strength of the fiber glass to create a durable material which is safe from toxicity, non-wetting and resistant to fungi. Its durability also reflects in its ability to be used at extreme temperatures in the range of -200 to +280 degree Celsius. Additionally, the dielectric property of the material makes it ideal for use in microwave ovens.

These belts have a number of industrial uses, principally in:

Food processing, microwave ovens, apparel manufacture, packaging industries, print industry, use in Ultra violet curing, rubber processing and many more.

These belts are further processed with edge sewing to protect their edges an safeguard them against fraying while being used in the industrial process.