PTFE Membrane Filter Bags These filter bags are manufactured by the lamination of a PTFE membrane to the fabric which makes the filter resulting in PTFE Membrane Filer Bags. These Membrane Filter Bags are of vital importance in industries where powder recollection is a necessity and hence finds a prominent place in the chemical and dye industry along with cement and carbon works. The PTFE membrane, when it is laminated drastically increases the filtration efficiency of the filters to up to 99.99% and results in a complete dust cake formation after the utilisation.

The Teflon Membrane Filter Bags has a host of important uses across industries and it is one of the best sellers at B K Industries. we also provide the option for a non-woven variety for our customers.

These have some of the most wide applications in the manufacture of filter bags for power plants, paper, textile, fertilizer plants. These are also used for bag house filters and those filled with carbon black.

PTFE membrane filter bags are also of extensive use in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. We supply bags of various shapes and sizes as per the customer requirements.