Teflon Conveyor Belts

The PTFE Conveyor Belts have a widespread use in the industries and possess a number of attributes that make it ideally suited to their utilisation, especially in the conditions and specific scenarios that they are used in. These Teflon Conveyor Belts work on rollers and carry material from one end to another.

The PTFE used in the manufacture of these belts provides it with the excellent non-stick properties and the strength that make them ideal for use. These maintain their durability, but are still flexible enough to be used in a variety of scenarios. These have very low friction and  possess very good resistance to thermal and chemical changes. This enables them to be used at high temperatures and in environments of varied pH levels.

We supply a variety of Teflon conveyor belts, in a number of shapes and sizes which is sure to meet the requirement of every industry while maintaining the excellent quality that we are known for all over the world. These find use in the food processing industry, in UV curing ovens, in printing, in fish freezing, microwaves, soap industries, packaging and apparel industries too.