Woven Filter Bags Filter Bags are one of the most important components of any industrial process equipment and these are used for the filtration of noxious substances which can be a hazard. The material that goes into the manufacture of Woven Filter Bags ought to possess some attributes which makes them ideal for their use in the industry. They have the desire resistance to thermal changes and the ability to function even at extremes. Also, the ability to be utilised in environments of extreme high acidity or alkalinity is also essential. The Woven Filter Cloth possesses the desired resilience and the durability to be used for this.

These bags have both domestic and industrial uses as they provide a trustworthy solution as the cloth is woven to a very fine weave and hence filters out very effectively.

B K Industries has a wide array of woven filter bags which are available in desired shapes and sizes based on consumer needs. We assure you that the bags supplied  by us would meet the highest of national and international industrial standards of safety and quality while maintaining a price point that would be very customer friendly.